University Campus of Football Business
About Us

UCFB’s Global Institute of Sport (GIS) offers ground-breaking Master’s degree programmes in the football and sports industry, utilising a global network of industry leaders and elite stadium venues in the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

GIS also hosts a world-class executive education portfolio led by VSI Executive Education (VSI), professional qualifications for students, graduates and sports business people, and an Industry Advisory Board packed with leading names in the world of sport.

We are looking for students who would like to broaden their horizons within the sports industry, Someone with a passion for sport and who wants to get their foot in the door of the sports industry. We welcome students from all backgrounds who would like to pursue a degree at masters level in sports.

Key Facts

  • Fact #1 We’re proud that 90% of UCFB graduates are in full-time employment within six months of graduation. Two-thirds of these are are working in the football and sports industry
  • Fact #2 At UCFB we are dedicated to maximising the career opportunities of all of our students. This is why we offer unparalleled opportunities beyond the learning environment
  • Fact #3 The careers team at UCFB is a unique and tailored career development department exclusively open to all UCFB students and alumni
  • Fact #4 We see an athlete, a businessperson, an entrepreneur in each of our students regardless of their gender, ethnicity or religion
Courses Available
  • MSc Football Business (on campus and online)
  • MSc Football Coaching (on campus and blended)
  • MSc Football Coaching & Analysis (on campus and blended)
  • MSc Football Communications & Digital Marketing (on campus and online)
  • MSc International Sport Management (on campus and online)
  • MSc Performance Analysis in Football (on campus)
  • MSc Sports Directorship (on campus)
Case Study

Meet Maria Fernandes, MSc Football Coaching & Analysis

In her time at UCFB so far, MSc Football Coaching & Analysis student Maria Fernandes has successfully pitched for investment for her business MAF Sports as part of the UCFB Sports Entrepreneur Award and is using her studies to underpin her coaching skills. We spoke to Maria to find out how her course is helping to build a career in the sports industry…

What were the reasons for you choosing UCFB to study your MSc Football Coaching & Analysis degree?

I chose to study my Masters at UCFB because of the employability and enrichment opportunities they provide to support my development, alongside the academic aspect of UCFB life.

How are you finding the programme, and what aspects of it are you particularly keen on?

I am really enjoying the programme, the lecturers are really knowledgeable and I get on well with all the students on my course. It has increased my knowledge of the coaching process, enabled me to become more reflective and learn more about analysis which I knew little about before. I like the whole programme and the modules relate well to each other. The analysis module is useful to help me develop the skills and understanding to get more involved in the analysis side of football, and see how it relates to my coaching process. The philosophy and coaching process modules support each other and enable me to use knowledge gained in one to aid my understanding of the other.

What experience of the sports industry did you have prior to your time at UCFB? And what experience have you gained during your time here so far?

Prior to joining UCFB, I had several years’ experience coaching football and other sports for various organisations, and people from different backgrounds and with different abilities. I also had some project management experience, particularly in female sports development. Since joining UCFB I have attended Executive Guest Speaker sessions to develop my understanding of other areas of the sports industry, such as scouting, journalism and leadership.

Any words of advice for people thinking about studying a Masters at UCFB?

Get involved, as you will meet some inspirational people and make some useful contacts for your career. The Masters itself will help you understand more about the theories that underpin your work, and help you improve your effectiveness in your job.

What are your plans post UCFB?

Following my degree at UCFB I hope to continue working in the sports industry, but with more knowledge, skills and experience. I would like to gain some experience abroad, so I can further understand our industry from a different perspective.