About Us

Sky is Europe’s leading media and entertainment company and we are proud to be part of the Comcast group.

Our range of programmes means everyone can find a job they love to talk about and we also offer insight events designed to give you a sneak peek at life at Sky. So, whatever your background, skills or passions, you can choose a career path that suits you.

Ready to start a career like no other? At Sky you can.

Typically recruits:

  • 170 grads, 50 interns
  • Locations – Osterley, Leeds, Livingston, London, Brentwood.
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Data & Analytics
  • Software Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Developer Operations
  • Automated Software Tester
  • Change Delivery
  • Business Analysis
Key Facts

Europe’s leading entertainment company

  • 24 million customers
  • 63 million products
  • 32,000+ employees
  • 6 countries

Our mission
To be Europe’s leader in entertainment

Our communities include: Women at Sky, Multiculture at Sky, Body & Mind at Sky, Parents @ Sky, Armed Forces at Sky, LGBT+ at Sky, as well as Sky’s Unity Programme, and ESEA at Sky.

Our initiatives include Sky Zero, Sky Ocean Rescue, and Sky Cares.

Sky commits £30m to support the fight against racial injustice and invest more in diversity and inclusion (announced  June 2020)

Sky sets ambitious 2025 target to increase its ethnic diversity and representation – 20% BAME, of which 5% are Black. This target applies to Sky’s leadership team (announced January 2021).

Case Study

Hawah Nanyonga – Ex-Developer Operations Graduate

How did you decide you want a career in Engineering?

I tried using online courses and realised I was good at coding and enjoyed the problem-solving aspect, so I decided to explore it further as a career.

How would you encourage more women to consider Engineering as a career?

I would say if you enjoy learning something new and being creative then you should consider tech. There are a lot of resources available to get started as well as ones specifically created for women such as Coding Black Females.

Sky - Case Study - Hawah