National Nuclear Laboratory
About Us

The National Nuclear Laboratory has brought together the UK’s nuclear research and development capability.

We work at the forefront of nuclear innovation, pushing the boundaries of science by providing expertise, technology and cutting-edge facilities to organisations around the world. We make new scientific discoveries to create market-ready products and services, driving the industry forward.

At NNL, you can make your career dreams a reality, solving some of the biggest problems facing humanity.

Typically recruits:

  • STEM disciplines, including Chemistry, Physics , Environmental and Engineering disciplines
  • Materials Science, Mathematics/ Statistics and Software/ IT
Key Facts
  • Fact #1 The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a UK government owned and operated nuclear services technology provider covering the whole of the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Fact #2 We have four world-leading laboratories in North West England and we are harnessing nuclear science to benefit society.
  • Fact #3 We lead the world in nuclear innovation and are the only UK organisation able to provide technical support across the whole nuclear industry.
  • Fact #4 Our workforce represents a combined 10,000 years of expertise in nuclear science and technology and we’re continuing to grow.
  • Fact #5 We don’t take a profit. Instead, we call the money we make Earnings to Reinvest. It all goes back into the business to develop science, innovation technology and our people.
Case Study

Leah Etheridge , Chemical Engineer, University of Huddersfield

“The NNL Graduate Scheme allowed me many more opportunities than I could have imagined, and I am regularly encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone.

I am confidently progressing within my technical role as a Radiological & Chemotoxic Safety Assessor, due to the consistent mentorship and training that I’m provided.

I am also involved with the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group at NNL demonstrating NNL’s commitment to ensuring all employees feel valued.”