National Grid
About Us

National Grid provides power to around 30 million domestic and commercial premises in Great Britain. We’re passionate about our work to keep energy flowing to the millions of people who need it for the lives they live.

We dream. We design. We build. We create exciting and pioneering tech that transforms energy into your games, Tweets and Snapchats – your life! Our education and skills training empowers new talent to imagine the future and build the energy systems of tomorrow.


Typically recruits for:

  • Non Technical & Commercial
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Business Support
Key Facts
  • 4,481 miles of overhead electricity lines
  • 1,391 miles of underground electricity cables
  • 4,740 miles of high-pressure gas pipes
  • 90% of electricity imported by our electricity interconnectors will be from zero carbon sources by 2030
Case Study

Hi, I’m Zaryab and I’m a Substation Project Supervisor


Zaryab Suddle, 26, has always loved fixing things. Now’s he’s part of solving one of the greatest problems we’ve ever faced  – climate change. But he loves a challenge and knows his job is making a real difference to the future of the energy system.

If you’re looking to make a difference for the generation of tomorrow and for a  career that’s exciting and innovative, then this is the place for you. And if you’re searching for a role that gives you both the autonomy to make informed decisions, without being micro-managed, and a structured programme for development with a company that invests in you, then being an engineer here is  the job for you. 

I joined the 18-month graduate training scheme in September 2018. This scheme offers the opportunity to complete three, six-month placements across the business. I started at the Hinckley Connection Project, a billion-pound development set to improve the electricity infrastructure and to connect the new nuclear power station in Somerset. I was really pushed to develop and strategically map my strengths and weaknesses.


Growing in confidence 

I went on to complete a placement with the South Electricity Construction team and finally with the Corporate Finance team. I used to feel uncomfortable giving presentations but, having moved around the company, I’m much more confident now. 

I moved into my first post in March 2020, just as the lockdown began. It was challenging getting to know my new team virtually, but everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. My team is made up of Project Supervisors, Project  Engineers and other support roles, working collaboratively to deliver key  national infrastructure projects. Despite the pandemic, I’m playing a key role in delivering a customer connection project that will go on to improve the system resilience. 


Solving problems 

I want to make a difference to our world and here we play a critical role in solving climate change. In 30 years, when we’ve reached net zero, I’d like to be able to say I contributed to building a renewable energy system that has helped us reach net zero and benefitted generations to come. 

I want to make a difference to our world and here we play a  critical role in solving climate change. 

I’ve always enjoyed working out solutions to problems, from when I used to take my toy cars apart and try to fix them again. 

I studied Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Design at Brunel University,  then completed a Masters at UCL in Engineering with Finance. While at UCL I  gained extra accreditation towards my goal of becoming a chartered engineer,  by designing and 3D printing an autonomous robot that could clean solar panels in hot climates. I’m now in my fourth year of a five year Chartership with the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.


Working with such a diverse group of people 

In my job, no day is alike and every day brings new challenges. I enjoy having autonomy in my role, the satisfaction of problem solving and making key decisions that impact the project on a daily basis. 

I love working with people with different mindsets, cultures and backgrounds – and that’s where the spark comes. That’s what provokes interesting, exciting, and new ideas. 

… the culture here is so open and approachable that you still feel like you’re a member of a close-knit family, made up of people from all walks of life. 

The scale of the company is immense – with electricity and gas generation and transmission in the UK and electricity distribution in north-eastern US – but the culture here is so open and approachable that you still feel like you’re a  member of a close-knit family, made up of people from all walks of life. 

I’m a member of One, the company’s inclusion and diversity society. Anyone can join. On the graduate programme you discover quite what a diverse talent pool you’re part of and the importance the company places on creating an environment where each person feels respected and valued and able to reach their full potential.