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9 Reasons Why Postgraduate Study Might Be Right For You

Are you in your final year of university or just graduated? Thinking about your next steps?  Are you divided as to whether to commit to postgraduate studies or start climbing the career ladder?

When thought about carefully, postgraduate study can be a great way to enhance your career prospects, however it’s definitely not a decision you should rush into just for the sake of it. Postgraduate study is a step up from undergraduate study and helps students learn more in-depth knowledge on a chosen field.

We’ve put together 9 reasons why postgraduate study might be right for you:

1. You need a postgraduate qualification to enter a particular profession

Some roles may only be open to postgraduate students, so do your research. If you need a postgraduate qualification to be accepted into the role then this is a good reason to continue your studies. Even if the role doesn’t specifically state that a postgraduate degree is required it might improve your chances in some professions.

2. The graduate market is extremely competitive

It’s no secret that the graduate market is extremely competitive. A postgraduate degree might be exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.

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3. A better foundation for future employment opportunities

Although there is no guarantee that a postgraduate qualification will boost your career prospects, it certainly won’t harm them and can give you a foundation for professional recognition and enhance your skill set. With a Masters, you can also apply for more senior positions and stand out from the crowd with your extra qualification.

4. Gain a deeper understanding of your chosen field

A postgraduate degree is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your chosen field and become a specialist within the subject. This will also present you with the opportunity to build a network with tutors, organisations and like minded individuals on your course, opening up new opportunities.

5. An increase in earning potential

A 2020 report by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) suggests that postgraduates have a higher earning potential, with an earning average of 18% more than first degree holders, six months after graduation.

6. You could be eligible for a scholarship or financial aid

It’s worth noting that a postgraduate degree comes at a cost, however, you could be eligible for a scholarship or financial aid. Universities usually have a wide range of scholarships available and you could secure funding from charities who offer bursaries so it could end up costing you very little if you opt for one of these.

7. You enjoy learning

If you love what you’re studying and enjoy learning then you might want to consider a postgraduate degree. Being passionate about your studies is one of the best reasons to continue your education. Think about where this could lead you professionally upon completion and your career aspirations.

8. You would like to change your career path

If you’re unsure about the path you’re on, don’t panic! There is still plenty of time to change direction. Conversion courses provide you with the opportunity to study different subject areas at postgraduate level, enabling you to gain the skills and knowledge to pursue an alternative career route.

9. Personal development

Unlike an undergraduate degree, most Masters contain a large amount of independent studying. You will be in charge of your own learning and time management. You will also be required to research ideas that have not specifically been assigned to you. During this time you will build key skills such as confidence, presentation skills, motivation, independence, prioritising and problem solving – all of which employers love to see on an application.