National Graduate Week

The science industry is all about bringing ideas to life using a variety of processes and the latest technology. Scientists, engineers and researchers work hard to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare and technology for the global population.

There is a wide range of roles in this industry, such as Analytical Chemist, Animal technician, Biomedical scientist, Community pharmacist, Crime scene investigator, Food technologist, Forensic scientist, Medicinal chemist, Meteorologist, Microbiologist, Nanotechnologist, Pharmacologist, Research, Science writer, Teaching laboratory technician, Toxicologist.

For all of the above positions, you will need the following skills: research and deep analytical skills, problem-solving, empathy and patience and diligence.

National Nuclear Laboratory

The National Nuclear Laboratory has brought together the UK’s nuclear research and development capability. Learn more about us here.

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One Programme, Two Years, Three Secondments, Endless Opportunities. Nucleargraduates is on a mission to create a diverse pipeline of future talent for the nuclear industry.

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The European Space Agency is an intergovernmental organisation. To learn about our mission and graduate schemes, click here.

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