National Graduate Week

After graduating at undergraduate level, you might be unsure what path you want to take. Whilst you may already know that postgraduate study is definitely the route for you, on the other hand you may be graduating and have realised that your original career plan, interests or motivations have changed since when you selected and started your course at 17-18 years old.

There can be many reasons and influences for a change of heart. For example, perhaps you didn’t enjoy your chosen specialism as much as you expected, or your results are different to what you had planned for, or, your own motivations and passions are simply more aligned to a different industry or type of work.

Postgraduate study can offer you the opportunity to continue in a field you love, giving yourself a competitive edge in your chosen profession, or completely change the direction of your career path. 

Whilst masters study has a reputation for being an expensive commitment, in many cases study can be carried out online, with flexible payment options (some funding can be available too) and with start dates at different points of the year.