National Graduate Week

Business Management and Consulting

The majority of large companies across all sectors recruit graduates to business roles. This sector is home to a variety of careers from management, consultant or business management, and you won’t always need a business degree to start in the profession.

Business management and consultancy are two different things. Working as a business manager usually means that you will look after one or more of a specific part of an organisation. These roles cover people management, project management, marketing strategy, strategy planning and / or HR.

On the other hand, consultants work independently or through a consultancy firm to advise and guide other businesses through change, overcome challenges and / or to increase performance. 

Consultancy in particular is a competitive industry, with organisations looking for the top talent. If you would like a future in the sector but feel you require more experience and confidence before you embark on the consultancy path, you may find it useful to first move into a role where you can build up business knowledge and maturity before heading into consultancy.